Hollywood & Slime: Andrew Breitbart epitomized 'go big or go home'

Mourning Breitbart's passing, remembering the need for precious balance in the coverage of news.

Andrea Billups March 3, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: The apex of Hollywood's film season

With the Academy Awards this Sunday, a bit a news from around the celebrity world...

Andrea Billups February 25, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: A grim week in Tinseltown

Will this be the year Hollywood finally gives it up for Brad Pitt?

Andrea Billups February 18, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Roseanne Barr for Green Party candidate?

Ferris Bueller is back, and he remains "a righteous dude."

Andrea Billups February 4, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: GOP candidates should ask moderators about their personal lives

Let's just say that Nancy Pelosi isn't the only one who knows something.

Andrea Billups January 28, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Burning election-year issue: Johnny Depp single again

And a fond farewell to force of the universe Etta James.

Andrea Billups January 21, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Brad and Angelina beautify our nation's capital.

In D.C. to promote her new flick, Jolie's review of Obama leaves 'em wanting more.

Andrea Billups January 14, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Drew, Justin, Soul Queen Aretha -- Cupid on overtime ahead of Valentine's Day

Note to incurable romantics: Never give up hope on monogamy for the famous.

Andrea Billups January 7, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Old Acquaintance Billy Crystal a Winning 2012 Oscars Host

Days of Auld Lang Syne's kooky celebs brought to mind as we roll into a rockin' New Year.

Andrea Billups December 31, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: A Little Elf Story

And thanks to the heroic Fed Ex folks working hard and overtime to make sure our gifts make it to us before...

Andrea Billups December 24, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: A Christmas Prank for Generation E (for Entitlement)

Oh, and have you seen Al Sharpton's big tax bill?

Andrea Billups December 17, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Celebs Aren't Letting Us Down as the Holidays Approach

The holiday season is underway, funseekers...

Andrea Billups December 10, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Get Elf to a Good Start on Christmas Cheer

The kids can wait. Oh, and we need more frosty cowbell!

Andrea Billups December 3, 2011

Hollywood & Slime: Pundit Perino Locks in a Can-'Do New Look

Now it's time for pundit Palin to bulk up that brow for the groomosphere.

Andrea Billups November 19, 2011