Hollywood & Slime: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes split

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards have reportedly split. To quote our fave Coach Lee Corso: Not so fast my...

Andrea Billups July 1, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Julia Louis-Dreyfus funnier than Biden as veep

Better than warm cookies, soft puppies and a righteous Jeremy Piven diatribe is HBO???s new series "Veep."

Andrea Billups June 26, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: John Travolta's complicated coif

Also, long-legged songster Miley Cyrus is engaged. She???s 19. That???s gonna work out. We???re sure of it.

Andrea Billups June 9, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Get your designer-made Obama swag now!

Get the $45 t-shirt designed by Sean John or the $95 scarf designed by Thakoon Panichgul. So 99%!

Andrea Billups June 3, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: bin Laden movie details uncovered

At least some in Congress are not amused that the administration would so easily open the doors on a covert...

Andrea Billups May 27, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Positively giddy after the fashion parade at this week's Met Gala

Plus, here's the only election video you need to watch, all year...

Andrea Billups May 12, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Annual White House Correspondents dinner in Washington

The dog from the Oscar-winning best picture, The Artist, will be a guest of the Washington Times, while Rand...

Andrea Billups April 28, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Saddened by the passing of lifelong 'teenager' Dick Clark

His was a voice with hurt and heart. The usually quiet Bob Dylan has offered a touching tribute.

Andrea Billups April 21, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Cory Booker to the Rescue

Don't stop believin'

Andrea Billups April 14, 2012

Hollywood & Slime

Sarah Palin turned in Couric-beating viewership numbers as a guest host on NBC’s Today Show. That must...

Andrea Billups April 7, 2012

Hollywood & slime

After much drama and untold $1,000s in hair color: Lindsay Lohan is officially off probation. You have been...

Andrea Billups March 31, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: The New York Jets now have God's quarterback

What if members of Congress were forced to compete, a la The Hunger Games?

Andrea Billups March 24, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: I'm leaving the Empire

Plus, how will Blago keep up his polished coif in federal prison?

Andrea Billups March 17, 2012

Hollywood & Slime: Annual SXSW Interactive fest begins

KONY? Why, yes. We’d like ours with chili, slaw, onions and some good mustard. (Kidding. Just kidding....

Andrea Billups March 10, 2012