House Intel Bill Larded With Pork and Global-Warming Mandates

Despite strong opposition from conservative Republicans, the just-passed House version of next year’s...

Amanda Carpenter May 18, 2007

Giuliani Opposed Welfare Reform in Order to Protect Illegals

Rudy Giuliani’s record as a pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage New York City mayor is well known, but his...

Amanda Carpenter May 14, 2007

Active Duty Soldiers Request Support

The Appeal for Courage campaign broached Capitol Hill yesterday in attempt to recruit more funding for the...

Amanda Carpenter May 10, 2007

Al-Qaeda's No. 2 Applauds Democrat War Bill

Over the weekend, the second-highest ranking member of al Qaeda called Democrat-led initiatives to end the...

Amanda Carpenter May 8, 2007

'Sanctuary Cities' Embrace Illegal Immigrants

Sanctuary cities embrace illegal aliens while Congress fails to act

Amanda Carpenter May 4, 2007

Mr. 'Slam Dunk' Fouls Out

George Tenet’s famous "slam dunk" remark about WMD in Iraq is consistent with his sworn...

Amanda Carpenter May 1, 2007

Reid's Glass House

Reid continues name-calling ways and inconsistencies on war

Amanda Carpenter April 27, 2007

War Supplemental Sure to be Vetoed

Vice President Dick Cheney takes offense at Majority Leader Reid’s remarks

Amanda Carpenter April 25, 2007

No Support for Gonzales

The harshest criticism for...

Amanda Carpenter April 20, 2007

Romney's Mormon Money Paradox

Romney can't break double-digits in the polls but has somehow set the pace for GOP fundraising. What gives?

Amanda Carpenter April 18, 2007

Reid Gathers Generals to Blast Surge

Retired Gen. calls current officers ‘props’

Amanda Carpenter April 17, 2007

Immigration Debate Will Heat Up Come Summer

Illegal aliens and their special interest group allies will surely be pressuring members for votes -- just...

Amanda Carpenter April 9, 2007

Obama's Primary Prank

On April Fool’s Day Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) announced she was the self-declared winner of the...

Amanda Carpenter April 6, 2007

McCain Campaign Crowd Strong on Foreign Policy Experience

At a recent Manhattan fundraiser, Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.) was asked whom he is relying on for foreign...

Amanda Carpenter April 2, 2007