Articles by Al DiGuido

Al DiGuido has long been recognized as an innovator in the digital marketing industry and as a pioneer in email communications. He has held leadership positions at Zeta Interactive, Epsilon Interactive, Bigfoot Interactive and Ziff Davis Publishing. He can be reached at

We were losers, folks

Op-ed: Digital Marketing Expert Al DiGuido slams GOP, Romney campaign: ???We were OLD in our thinking, OLD in...

Al DiGuido November 16, 2012

Romney rises on eve of election

The Republican ticket continues to surge online, as the engaged supporters of Obama-Biden dwindle. The...

Al DiGuido November 6, 2012

Making the online math work

The Romney/Ryan campaign is surging online in momentum. The focus in the last days up to the election needs...

Al DiGuido October 29, 2012

Romney romps on social media post-debate

For the first time, Mitt Romney has a higher engaged audience on Facebook than President Obama, says Human...

Al DiGuido October 23, 2012

Social media momentum goes to Romney on engagement

While the president may have more ???Facebook Likes??? than Romney, the Romney-Ryan ticket has the edge on...

Al DiGuido October 22, 2012

Social media tide turning red

Social media marketer Al DiGuido says the Romney/Ryan???s online engagement with voters is accelerating.

Al DiGuido October 16, 2012

No Facebook 'bump' for Obamas

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan is smokin??? hot...

Al DiGuido September 5, 2012

TV viewership of RNC down from 2008; Newsweek 'Hit the Road Barack' a hit

Recapping the various media outcomes of RNC week: Mitt???s Facebook likes up, problematic emails still being...

Al DiGuido September 4, 2012

It???s time for Romney to wage smart social media warfare

Analysis: Five ways for GOP to win online, and it begins with big-tent collaboration, a unified and uniform...

Al DiGuido August 27, 2012

What Romney-Ryan need to do online now

Analysis: Social media guru calls for marketing professionals to be dropped into the Romney-Ryan campaign...

Al DiGuido August 16, 2012

Romney needs social media facelift, GOP assist

The New York-based online marketing specialist chides the GOP for its strategies, and wonders where the...

Al DiGuido August 1, 2012

Barack Obama, wedding crasher

Opinion: The president is set to hijack summer weddings with his "political donation registry"...

Al DiGuido June 26, 2012

Social Media: GOP needs to bring 'A Game' to Mitt Romney's online profile

President Obama's online team is still outdoing the presumptive Republican nominee on all counts; Michelle...

Al DiGuido June 19, 2012

Romney needs to up social media game to win in 2012

With President Obama spending $3 million a month on top interactive talent, the GOP needs to blunt his social...

Al DiGuido June 5, 2012