Articles by Adam Ellwanger

Adam Ellwanger is a professor of English at the University of Houston–Downtown, where he studies rhetoric, writing, and public discourse. His new book, Metanoia: Rhetoric, Authenticity, and the Transformation of the Self, is available now. Reach him at, on Twitter @DoctorEllwanger, or @TheHereticalTruth on Parler.

PRIDE Month as Reactionary Moralism.

Secular progressivism and the future of transgression.

Adam Ellwanger June 21, 2021

Oligarchy and the Polls.

Engineering the “voice” of the people.

Adam Ellwanger May 21, 2021

The Politics of Retribution and the Minority-Owned Business.

Revenge as compassion in Weimar America.

Adam Ellwanger April 23, 2021

“Preferred” Pronouns: The Final (?) Frontier.

Linguistic coercion and social change.

Adam Ellwanger April 15, 2021

In Defense of Tribalism.

Culture, commonality, and the perils of multiculturalism.

Adam Ellwanger March 22, 2021

Bad “Optics”: On Pseudo-Events and Pseudo-Democracy.

What the left's obsession over Senator Cruz's trip to Cancun reveals about media and the politics of...

Adam Ellwanger March 13, 2021

On Irreverence, or, Why the Left Can’t Meme.

Power, politics, and the uses of disrespect.

Adam Ellwanger February 19, 2021

5G and the Coming World.

“Paranoia” and the future of the human person.

Adam Ellwanger January 29, 2021

Refusing the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Vaccination, safetyism, and the art of the conservative virtue-signal.

Adam Ellwanger January 8, 2021

“Baseless Conspiracy Theories” and our Knowledge Crisis.

Evidence, proof, and the will to deceive.

Adam Ellwanger December 22, 2020

Toward a Woke Metaphysics.

The left’s secret affair with transcendent truth.

Adam Ellwanger December 15, 2020

Why I Still Care.

Politics, Pro Wrestling, and the New World Order.

Adam Ellwanger November 17, 2020

Policing the Real.

Doublethink, Deception, and Election 2020.

Adam Ellwanger November 2, 2020

The Electoral College as Affirmative Action.

Urban privilege and the marginalized pastoral.

Adam Ellwanger September 24, 2020