Tuning in the Fed Among the Market Noise

Several weeks ago, you were probably watching the stock market correct amid a confluence of concerns...

Human Events Archive November 12, 2014

Hensarling seeks new-look terrorism insurance program before Dec. 31 expiration

Texas conservative Rep. Jeb. Hensarling, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, seeks...

Neil W. McCabe November 12, 2014

$6.2 billion for Ebolacare

Congress should take a hard look at Obama's Ebolacare proposal, rather than rubberstamping something just...

Betsy McCaughey November 12, 2014

Big Truthy is watching (some of) you

The man has his gall.

Michelle Malkin November 12, 2014

New job figures are less than what they seem

Last month's new job figures, despite the news media's exaggerated response, fell well below the numbers...

Donald Lambro November 12, 2014

GOP plus 8: Dan Sullivan wins in Alaska

Democrats plunge deeper into denial as the Republican wave grows, and the American people make their...

John Hayward November 12, 2014

What will gays do once the same-sex 'marriage' battle is over?

Gay marriage proponents better think twice before they equalize themselves into irrelevancy.

Teresa Mull November 12, 2014

High school discriminates against pro-life group

Denial of a pro-life club at schools is unconstitutional and must be reversed.

The Thomas More Society November 12, 2014

Taxi deregulation removes cabbies' economic shackles

Government makes it harder to succeed.

Steven Greenhut November 12, 2014

Paying students for achievement: Does it work?

Pay for academic achievement is not the only way, and unless done carefully, can fail to produce the desired...

Herbert J. Walberg and Joseph L. Bast November 12, 2014

Educational fraud

It would be unreasonable to expect a student with the reading, writing, and computing abilities of an...

Walter Williams November 12, 2014

Democracy delusions

Real freedom means doing what you choose as an individual, not waiting for the rest of society to vote on...

John Stossel November 12, 2014

Nanny of the Week: Florida growls at craft breweries??? growlers

Restricting fun!!!

Eric Boehm November 12, 2014

Palestinians drive Jerusalem to the brink of another intifada

The "moderate" Palestinian leader vows he won't allow the Temple Mount to be "contaminated" with Jews.

John Hayward November 11, 2014