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Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Leaves Board of Directors

Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey has left the social media platform’s board of directors.  The...

Human Events Staff May 26, 2022

Oklahoma Gov. Signs Bill Banning Most Abortions After Fertilization

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt on Wednesday signed a bill into law prohibiting most abortions after...

Human Events Staff May 26, 2022

Twitter Settles on $150M Penalty Over Alleged Privacy Violations

Twitter on Wednesday came to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, agreeing to pay $150 million in...

Human Events Staff May 26, 2022

Dem Congressional Candidate Sued for Campaign Ad Smearing Private Citizen as Insurrectionist

A Democratic congressional candidate is being sued for defamation after her campaign ad suggested that a...

Celine Ryan Ciccio May 26, 2022

Human Events’ Jack Posobiec ‘Fact-Checked’ by Reuters, Politifact Over ‘WEF Police’ Claim Following Detainment by WEF Police

Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec was fact checked by Reuters over his WEF police claim after he was...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2022

BREAKING: Beto O’Rourke Interrupts Gov. Abbott’s Press Conference on School Shooting, Gets Removed by Police

Former U.S. Representative and Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke crashed Gov. Abbott’s...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2022

Indiana Republicans Override Governor’s Veto, Protect Women's Sports

Indiana Republican lawmakers overrode a veto by Gov. Eric Holcomb, banning biological males from competing in...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2022

Uyghur Mugshots, Guard Expectations Among Leaked Xinjiang Police Files

A report released Tuesday by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation reveals photographic evidence and...

Celine Ryan Ciccio May 25, 2022

Kevin McCarthy Files Amicus Brief Arguing Against House Jan. 6 Inquisition Subpoenas

House Minority Leader Kevin mcCarthy filed an amicus brief Thursday in the contempt of Congress case against...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2022

Russia Removes Military Age Limit

As the war in Ukraine continues to rage forward, Russian lawmakers passed legislation Wednesday removing the...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2022

Another Day, Another Tragedy: Most Safety Recommendations Made, Not Implemented 15 Years After Worst School Shooting

After 32 people were killed in a tragic shooting at Virginia Tech 15 years ago, many state and federal safety...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2022

Bill to Allow Parents to Sue for Social Media Addiction Passes California State Assembly

A bill that would allow parents to sue social media platforms for harming children who have become addicted...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2022