JACK POSOBIEC: The ‘Laptop from Hell’ fiasco is a symptom of the Right’s impotence

It’s official: the Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” is real. Or at least, real enough for the American legal system. It’s just been accepted as Government Exhibit 16 in Hunter Biden’s trial in Delaware.

This is a big deal. I still remember when we were doing Steve Bannon’s War Room and got the infamous laptop in October 2020. I offered it to anyone in the mainstream media who wanted to vet it. No one bit, except Mark Cuban, who showed mild interest right up until Sweaty Ben Collins ran interference. Yes, the same Ben Collins who now runs The Onion, which is the only publication where a story like this should happen.

I’m sure most people reading this remember the “Laptop from Hell,” not to mention why the media completely blackballed the laptop story. However, just in case you were living under a rock in 2020, let me remind you: the “Laptop from Hell” refers to a laptop owned by First Son Hunter Biden containing evidence of (to put it mildly) gobsmacking amounts of corruption and actual foreign influence over then-Vice President Biden, which was laundered almost exclusively through dealings with his son Hunter. It was also the mother of all October surprises and should have been enough to put Joe Biden himself away, even with the headwinds of 2020. The contents of the laptop and the payments from Ukrainian, Chinese, and Russian officials far outweighed any ‘unreported campaign influence’ a hush money payment made.

Instead, it barely made a blip. Why? Because 51 “intelligence officials” publicly claimed that the laptop was a “Russian disinformation” operation, at which point the government rushed to bully social media companies into deplatforming anyone who mentioned it. This included the one press outlet with the courage to do a story on it – the New York Post – whose story was totally overlooked as a result. The laptop became the story, not the payments. And if you want to know the really corrupt part? The guy who was responsible for shutting down the Laptop from Hell with this phony “intelligence” argument is now Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, Tony Blinken.

Well, surprise! The laptop was real. It’s now a government exhibit in a prosecution of a Democrat president’s son - you don’t get more real than that. And the powers-that-be knew it, which is precisely why they cooked up this ridiculous idea that it was “Russian disinformation.” That kind of strategy is nothing new when it comes to dirty tricks used by the so-called intelligence community against President Trump. Perhaps you recall the infamous Steele dossier of 2016, which argued (on the basis of patently ridiculous rumors and speculation) that President Trump himself was a Russian asset. That fake dossier, which was a product of the Clinton campaign, was masterminded by (incredibly) the man who is now President Biden’s National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan. Not to mention, the money that was used to pay for it was ultimately found to be illegally misclassified by the Clinton campaign, in exactly the same way that President Trump was accused of using bad accounting to “cover up” his “hush money” to Stormy Daniels. The difference is that Clinton was allowed to quietly settle the irregularity out of court, whereas Trump was dragged through a show trial that would make the KGB’s Beria green with envy.

Both Sullivan and Blinken were rewarded for using the intel agencies to interfere in our elections. Consider the gravity of that.

Am I indignant about this? Just a little. But I’m not here to shout “imagine if the situations were reversed” and rake in the outrage bucks. I don’t want the Right to get angry; I want us to get smart about why this happened. However you slice it, the interference by the intelligence bureaucracy to save President Biden from facing political consequences for his own corruption is exactly the kind of illegal unreported in-kind contribution (and the same kind of hush-up operation) that President Trump was speciously convicted of. Yet just like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden will face no consequences. Which looks like rank hypocrisy; “no one is above the law,” right?

Wrong. This isn’t hypocrisy. This is hierarchy. This is what happens when one party is willing to go for the jugular, and the other plays by the rules in order to “not sink to their level.” When that happens, the party that is willing to do anything to win gets power and then turns around and prosecutes the opposing party for doing the exact thing they do all the time. And then, they shut down anyone who notices that they do the same thing (and worse) with false accusations laundered through the bureaucracy. It’s not sophistry or hypocrisy; it’s just cold political reality. It's how power works, and the Right has, so far, been unwilling to seek or use power with the same seriousness as the Left.

What can be done about it? Well, one simple rule is to follow the idea of reciprocity. Put more simply, do unto others what they do unto you. It is this simple strategy which led to the US fending off the communist Soviet Union during the Cold War; everyone understood that mutually assured destruction was certain if either country launched a nuclear assault and as a result, no missiles flew. If this worked on the Soviets, why would it be any different with the Unhumans who make up today’s Leftist brigades? It wouldn’t. The Left may claim to believe reason is racist, but they still understand cause and effect. They intuitively grasp that consequences are a real thing; it’s why their main defense of cancel culture was that it was the “consequences of your actions.” They know how to use a show of force to make a point.

But will we? We can. Which is part of why I made these points and others in my book Unhumans, out now. I didn’t write the book just to educate conservatives on the history of communist uprisings; I did it to show them how those uprisings are put down. To wake people up to the necessity of a politics which is willing to return to the Left what they do to us, because fear of reprisal is the only thing they can understand. This is how we achieve strategic deterrence. Unless we get smart about that, and quick, more episodes like the whitewashing of the “Laptop from Hell” will follow, and anyone who notices will be able to comfort themselves that their principles were pure in between sessions of hard labor at the Gulag. So I beg the Right: take this as a wakeup call. Because unless you wake up, those who are woke will continue to step all over us.

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