LIBBY EMMONS: 'The queers are coming' and they love Hamas

Ireland's queer non-binary witch singer was devastated to find that she and her nation's Satanic entry to the Eurovision Song Contest lost out to Israel. The singer, who calls herself Bambie Thug, made no bones about her political positions as she competed in the contest. She wore a trans flag bikini, screamed about non-binary queerness, proclaimed herself to be a witch, performed inside a burning pentagram, and clearly came down on the side of Palestinian terror group Hamas over Israel as the nation fights the world for its right to exist.

Ms. Thug's performance was basically an edgy teen's parodic attempt at a Satanic ritual, climaxing with the Spirit Halloween store's version of demonic possession. Nor is this a one off thing. Her Instagram is steeped in Satanic and pagan imagery and her political views veer toward trans queer terrorism. 

And she's not the only queer-identified lover of Hamas. There's a whole contingent of self-proclaimed queers and LGBTQIA+ persons who have gone out there into the streets, campuses, or just online to declare their support for the murdering, rapist terrorists who brutalized Israeli women and children and continue to hold Americans, as well as Israelis and others, hostage in Gaza. It doesn't seem to matter to these folx that Hamas terrorists and hardline Islamists alike would sooner chuck them off a building than use their preferred pronouns, the queers are still gaga for the "oppressed" terrorists.

Outside the Eurovision contest in Malmo, Sweden, scores of young people who also apparently love terrorists were out there screaming their hearts out against a young singer from Israel, Eden Golan. They didn't think she should have been allowed to compete or to sing for her nation. Since Israel came into existence as a Jewish state in 1948, they have been under near constant attack from Arabs. In most cases, Israel has fought them back, and in each of those cases, Arabs blamed Israel for the violence. Arabs call their losses the "nakba," meaning "catastrophe," and while these students of oppression theory (not history mind you, oppression theory) believe the hype, the truth is that Israel and her Jewish population have repeatedly bested their attackers.

The same is true after Palestinian terrorists released the recent horrors upon Israel. Within just one day of that brutal attack, Arabs worldwide were celebrating the attack on Israel and queers, steeped in their academic oppression theory, were backing the terrorists. The LGBTQIA+ contingent has taken up the barricades for the terrorists though these very same terrorists would see the queer community brutalized alongside the Jews. For Hamas, these activists are "useful idiots," they welcome their militant advocacy because it is useful to their propagandist cause.

Bambie Thug cried when she found out that Israeli competitor Eden Golan, who was subjected to days of protest simply for being allowed to compete, had come in ahead of Ireland. With her hair shaped like horns, grills on her teeth, black lipstick, and spikes around her collar, she cried to the press after coming in 6th in the competition.

"It has been so hard," she cried, "it has been so horrible for us, and I'm so proud of us. And I just want to say we are what the Eurovision is. The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) is not what the Eurovision is. F*ck the EBU. I don't even care anymore. F*ck them." The EBU had reportedly made Ms. Thug remove pro-Gaza messages from her act. 

"The thing that makes this is the contestants, the community behind it, the love, and the power, and the support of all of us is what is making change. And the world has spoken, the queers are coming, non-binaries for the f*cking win."

The queers, apparently, are part of the pro-Hamas contingent. Ms. Thug had posted pro-Hamas propaganda on her Instagram and was vocally opposed to Israel's fight to abolish the terrorists that had attacked, murdered and kidnapped Israeli civilians on October 7. In a post, she wrote that she and other queer performers "stand in solidarity with the oppressed." Although it's likely that those "oppressed" would not stand in solidarity with a queer non-binary witch.

Ahead of Eurovision, a bunch of other progressive thinking queers who believe themselves to be "on the right side of history" sent a letter to the contest asking Israel to be disqualified. A group that unironically calls itself Queer for Palestine banded together to call for a mass boycott of the entire nation.

"We write to you as fellow queers, artists, and fans, who are deeply distressed about the continued inclusion of Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest in the current context of its ongoing genocidal assault on Palestinians in Gaza and attacks on Palestinians across their homeland," they wrote, before carrying water for terrorists.

"We share the vision of queer joy and abundance you’ve offered through your music," they wrote, "and share your belief in collective liberation for all. In this spirit, we ask you to heed the Palestinian call to withdraw from Eurovision." Then they claimed Israel was committing genocide by attacking terrorists that literally called for the actual and deliberate extermination of all Jews. Those same terrorists are also cool with the eradication of queer non-binary witches, too. 

Perhaps Ms. Thug and her comrades in arms believe they would be spared the same fate as those who were raped and massacred at the Nova music festival in the early morning hours of October 7, but it's more likely that they suffer under the delusion that all those whom they view as oppressed are innocents who would never lash out unless they were lashed first. Much like their counterparts at campuses across the US, Ms. Thug and her 450 entertainment friends who asked for Israel to be disqualified get a good feeling from supporting terrorists' genocidal tendencies, they feel that they are quite in the right.

For these hapless, screaming protesters, backing Hamas is part of a catalog of forward thinking views that include advocacy for child-sex changes, polyamory, paganism, Satanic worship, the diminishment of human beings in service to carbon dioxide depletion, and the eradication of international borders. 

But Hamas is against child-sex changes, into polyamory but only for men, so opposed to paganism that even paintings of their key prophet are verboten, see Satan as a fallen angel tempter (and not in a good way), are only concerned with climate politics in as much as the global community blames Israel for wartime emissions, and is a staunch proponent of international borders if they keeps Jews out of the Levant.

For the political queers, however, their pro-Hamas views are all in service to the notion that there are only two sides to every debate: the oppressed and the oppressor and they believe that what links Hamas to the LGBTQIA+ cause is that both groups are oppressed. That's the only reason the LGBTQIA+ finds affinity with Hamas. To them, they are oppressed, and the oppressed are part of the revolution.

This, of course, is a massive delusion. Advocates for both causes speak at the highest levels of government in western nations, US President Joe Biden funds Hamas, has stopped aid to Israel, and brings child sex change activists into the White House to advise him on trans issues. Laws have been changed in Ms. Thug's Ireland, the US, and beyond to prioritize trans identity over women and this too is true in states and provinces as well.

And despite the struggle, Ms. Thug came in 6th, a non-binary performer won the Eurovision title, and much of the international story about Eurovision was about the struggle of Palestinians against Israel. The LGBTQIA+ activists and their odd Hamas bedfellows want us to believe they are oppressed, want us to believe that they need advocacy and special attention, but the truth is that they are not. 

The LGBTQIA+ embraces Hamas because it legitimizes their cause; Hamas encourages the protests in their favor because the western youth are a friendly face to disguise their terrorist tendencies. Both would be glad to dismantle the west, both trade in lies and obfuscation, and neither has any place screaming about their oppression on an international stage. Though to be fair to Ms. Thug, I suppose it's no surprise that she, specifically, likes Hamas. Judging by her mall Goth Satanist aesthetic — and that of her "queer" compatriots — she's no stranger to worshipping diabolical losers. 

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