Ballot Harvesting: 'It's Time for Us to Do It'– Pastor Rob McCoy and Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk invited his pastor, Rob McCoy, of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, CA, to discuss ballot harvesting and how it can and should be used to beat the Democrats.

"So Rob, tell us about your church," Kirk begins. "You're a very active church. You're involved in local politics and you're outspoken, and you made the decision to ballot harvest."

"How many ballots did you guys harvest?" Kirk asks, "And what difference did it make in the election in the county you're trying to take back?"

"We harvested just a little under 1,000 ballots just from our church alone," McCoy explains, "and we also put out a voter guide that was picked up by a number of churches in the area."

McCoy went on to give a few examples of some of the candidates who have successfully taken seats from the Democrats and how it has helped the morale of his congregation and other like-minded Californians.

"You can sit there and complain and say it doesn't work anymore, or you can figure out a way to win, and ever since I've been involved, [we've been] starting to win," he says. "We just keep persevering, and it's making everyone in the congregation stronger."

"So you guys have a secure box in your sanctuary in your church, where people who come on Sunday can bring their ballot, is that right?" Kirk asks.

"Exactly. So you're allowed in California to drop off someone else's ballot if they give you permission," McCoy explains, "and we just have a box, so you just come in, drop it in there, and then we just take a bag full of these things."

Roughly half of states allow ballot harvesting, although some states have limits as to who can drop them off or how many at a time. California has no such limits.

"You can't do this in Arizona," Kirk points out, "but the Democrats do it anyway, and I'm not recommending breaing laws."

Californian Democrats set up the current rules regarding harvesting in 2016, but have since tried to take legal action against state Republicans over their usage of ballot drop boxes, despite being consistent with state laws.

Kirk goes on to point out that "Nancy Pelosi is going to be retired because of probably 200 churches in California that rose up and did their work. That's a national impact." 

"I was skeptical when Rob told me he was gonna do it," Kirk said. "Honestly I was wrong. It's illuminating and eye-opening. It's how you could flip a county, flip a district, flip the state. If they're going to do it, it's time for us to do it."

Image: Title: WATCH: Pastor Rob McCoy and Charlie Kirk discuss how Republicans can use ballot harvesting


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