POSOBIEC: Uvalde School District Police Chief Had 'One Job,' Failed to Protect Kids

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec slammed Uvalde School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo for his “misactions and misdeeds,” after he was placed on administrative leave. Recently released radio logs from the Robb Elementary School shooting reveal that Arredondo yelled “tell them to f*cking wait” at the same time that dying children were begging to be saved by police on the opposite side of an unlocked door.

“That police chief of that school, keep in mind he’s not the police chief for the town of Uvalde, he’s the police chief of the school security force, the school police force. He’s been now placed on administrative leave by the superintendent of the Uvalde school district. And he should have been placed on administrative leave on day one,” said Posobiec. “Because in this situation, this guy was in way over his head, he failed to understand what was going on, and his actions and his misactions, his misdeeds are what caused those officers… You had 19 officers at one point, there are more photos of this coming out now, that were waiting in that hallway to do something.



“He’s looking for a key, he didn’t need a key, the door wasn’t locked… We actually have now, we’ve obtained a transcript of the call that he made to the dispatcher, right? He forgot his radio…He actually testified, he actually stated publicly that he thought it was a smart idea to leave his radio outside because he was worried about the antenna hitting him when he was running.”

“Well, guess what, you just cut off your ability to be able to communicate with your force. He made a phone call, a cell phone call to the dispatcher, and said ‘we can’t get in because we only have handguns, and we’re outgunned.’ You had 19 officers. They have ballistic shields, we can see it in the footage.”

Radio logs released on June 22 paint a clearer picture of the Uvalde school shooting timeline, and in one critical moment at 12:16 pm, a child was on an emergency line reporting that several kids were still alive and begged for police to enter. In response to the added pressure to breach the room, Chief Arredondo reportedly said, “Tell them to f*cking wait!” according to a timeline of radio communications posted to Twitter by CNN correspondent Shimon Prokupecz. In one exchange over radio, Arredondo reportedly talked about fear of bullets piercing thin walls and how his slow response would be perceived.

“Then he’s saying that we need some special key to open the door. Guess what, the state police of Texas already came out and said ‘those doors don’t lock from the inside.’ The doors weren’t locked. You didn’t even try to open the doors.” 

“He was the head of the school’s police force. He was the on-scene incident commander. And of course, through his lawyers now he’s trying to deny all this, he’s trying to obfuscate, he’s trying to put the blame on all these other places. No, no, no. That’s your job Pete,” Posobiec said. “You had one job, protect that school and protect the children of that school. You had six police officers that were just assigned to this school district, to this school facility. You have no other job, you don’t have to be doing anything else throughout the city of Uvalde…Police the school, protect the school. You failed to do that.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw summarized the failures of the Uvalde police, especially Chief Arredondo, by saying simply that the gunman could have been neutralized in “three minutes.”