WATCH: Dinesh D'Souza and Drew Hernandez on 'Biden's Guests' Pouring in Over Southern Border

In the latest episode of Dinesh D’Souza’s podcast titled “Biden’s Guests,” D’Souza and Turning Point USA Contributor Drew Hernandez sat down to talk about the flood of illegal immigration the southern border is currently experiencing. 

Hernandez, who has previously covered the flood of illegal immigrants in places like Yuma, Arizona prefaced his explanation of what’s happening at the border by saying “this is happening every single night,” referring to his recent trip to Yuma, in which as many as 800 people reportedly crossed through a gap in the border in one night.

“So down there at the gap, it’s just open. The wall that President Trump was working on down there at Yuma, Arizona, was about to be completed. But obviously, because of the Biden administration, it was brought to a halt,” he explained.

“And so when you go down there, it’s like a graveyard of just border wall just laying there, we call it the ruins, next to the gap where it’s millions of dollars of border wall that should have been put up. And it’s just an open border literally right down there in Yuma, Arizona,” he continued.

Hernandez explained that he and others had been down to the area during the day to try and capture some footage, when a Border Patrol agent informed them that they should come back between midnight and 5 a.m.

“So one of the Border Patrol agents stopped us and he said ‘come back between midnight and five in the morning, and I promise you, you’re gonna see what we’re seeing on a daily basis, on a nightly basis.'” 

He said that when he asked one of the cartel’s coyotes that were bringing these immigrants to the border how many people were crossing in that group, he was informed that it was between 600 and 800 people.

Hernandez said that it was “just hundreds of people coming from Mexico straight into the United States through the open border, and the Border Patrol, because of the Biden administration has activated our border patrol to essentially be an Uber service for these illegals to get into the United States of America scot-free.”

He noted that of this large group, most of the people in it were men, despite the media saying that it is mostly women and children seeking asylum.

“We’re seeing mostly males down here. So the mainstream media, the Biden administration will come out and say,’ Oh, it’s uh, they’re asylum seekers. It’s mostly women and children, they need our help. That’s why we need these NGOs and these Catholic organizations to help these poor families because they’re fleeing persecution and fleeing climate change,'” Hernandez said.

“So when they say that, it’s not necessarily true, because we are seeing the ratio of more men. Males. Like, these dudes are — they look fit, they look healthy in the sense that they look well fed. I mean, you take a look at the ratio down there and it’s not, it’s not the case Dinesh. There’s a lot more men coming down through the southern border illegally.”

Hernandez went on to question whether these people crossing the border have criminal records in the US and noted that people are not just coming from South American countries, but also from countries overseas like Russia and Afghanistan.

He said that these people are traveling thousands of miles to enter the countries “because this administration has signaled to the world that now that Orange Man is gone. Now is your time to come into the United States of America.”

D’Souza responded that these people are making “an open mockery” of legal immigration and that it appears “for a guy going through the legal process, that makes you kind of a sucker, doesn’t it.”

“Absolutely. I mean, we’ve been hearing stories, we’ve been talking to people down there as well. I mean, I even personally have in my own family, some individuals that are doing it legally, they’re doing it legally, they want to do it legally, and they have been put like, essentially on backorder for nearly two years because of this,” Hernandez replied.

Hernandez continued on to criticize the left for being “pro-immigrant,” while allowing illegal immigration to put those wanting to come into the country legally on “back order.”

He said that instead of legal immigrants that are “possibly the people we actually do want here that are going to be productive to society and add to American values, that are pro-Americana, pro-Patriot, that will forever be grateful that they’re here, you know, and contribute to what we’re doing the American dream. No, no, they would rather it just be illegal immigration. Risk little girls getting abducted, little boys getting abducted and raped, risk women being abducted and raped, they don’t care.”

Hernandez concluded by saying that the left wants instead to import “the third world because they want a controllable society.”

“They don’t want any Dinesh D’Souzas ever making a documentary ever again exposing their election fraud. They don’t want a Drew Hernandez on the ground exposing just exactly what’s happening. They don’t want anybody that is aware of our patriotic constitutional values, speaking out against this regime. So, just import a bunch of desperate people that will never question you ever again. In my opinion, that’s what this,” he said.