SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT! Texas State Troopers Given New Waistline Requirements

The Texas Department of Safety will require all state troopers to get in shape and reduce their waistlines or face disciplinary action. 

The report, obtained by the Dallas Morning News, states that men with waistlines over 40 inches and women over 35 inches must tighten up by December 1st or suffer penalties that could include halted promotions, denial of overtime and possible termination from enforcement duties, BizPacReview reports

The new restrictions will reportedly affect over 200 troopers. 

Of the approximately 4,000 state troopers, 213 have been deemed in violation of the new standard, but only two failed the physical fitness test in which officers can choose between rowing, combat fitness or a standard assessment including push-ups, sit-ups and a 1.5-mile run. Texas state troopers must complete a physical fitness test twice a year. 

A DPS spokesperson said the state agency “continuously evaluates all programs for improvement,” according to the Dallas Morning News. 

“Recommendations and potential changes will be discussed at the August 2022 (Public Safety Commission) meeting after the department has analyzed data from two complete testing cycles,” the statement said. 

Indeed, officers with waistlines over the limit can still pass via alternate measurables such as height and weight proportions and body fat composition.

Officers who fail will undergo a remedial diet and exercise program to assist them in meeting the new standard by December and avoid disciplinary action.