Pop Culture Warriors with Lisa De Pasquale

This week’s guest: Charles Payne

You might guess that Charles Payne’s favorite color is green but what you probably don’t know is that his favorite medium is pen and ink. Charles Payne, host of Making Money with Charles Payne on Fox Business, went to the best art school in the U.S. In fact, he and his friends once went to Marvel and before getting tossed out by security, his hero Stan Lee, let them in. All came full circle when Payne made a cameo appearance in the epic crowd-funded comic book, Trump’s Space Force.

Brett R. Smith, creative director and colorist for Trump’s Space Force said, “Charles is one of my favorite guys on the Right because he loves pop culture, specifically comic books and graphic novels from the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby era, which were truly part of the glory days of Marvel Comics.”

In addition to wanting to make money, I also follow Payne on Twitter for his amusing movie takes. Such as this one when Scorsese said that Marvel films aren’t cinema, “I’ve complained for years that Hollywood forgot the art of storytelling. So, do Scorsese and Coppola make good points or do they sound like they’re just playa hating.”

Pop Culture Warriors with Lisa De Pasquale is an interview column dedicated to the significant work of freedom lovers who chose the path of more resistance. Not only are these pop culture warriors fighting the predominant groupthink in entertainment, but also the predominant groupthink on the right side of politics that entertainment doesn’t matter or that the pop culture war is lost. The purpose of this column is to highlight their projects and contributions to expand freedom in new, exciting, and counterculture ways.  

Who inspires you? 

My family, especially my children and now my grandchildren. There is no way I could have made it at the beginning in the business when cold calling. I was greeted with slammed phones over and over because I had to make it for my daughter. My Mom had the greatest impact on my life. She fought tooth and nail for her sons. My wife is also a source of inspiration. She is a survivor having lived through ten different operations including an L-Vad before getting a new heart as hers was only doing 25% of the work at the time of the operation.

What was your childhood pop culture obsession?

Childhood obsession was music – I love music. I also loved drawing. I lived in a lot of places before we moved to Harlem so I picked up listening habits of all genres and to this day I still enjoy a wide variety of music. I was also obsessed with dressing nice.  Clothes in the 70s Harlem were flashy and made a statement of celebrating life and not being afraid. 

What was your first concert and how did you get there?

My first concert was Earth Wind and Fire in 1977 at Madison Square Garden – took the iron horse

What movies are the most accurate portrayal and the most entertaining portrayal of Wall Street?

 The Wolf of Wall Street – every payday was outlandish parties with drugs everywhere and strippers, etc. Lots of partying, lots of spending.

Pursuit of Happiness gave a glimpse of how hard it is after you pass the broker exam. Cold calling old Yellow Pages is not for punks

 Tell us about the last movie, TV show, book you consumed for entertainment.

Book: The Psychology of Money 

Movie: The Bombardment (deep especially with War on Ukraine happening)

TV Show: Godfather of Harlem is very powerful and real

What would you say to readers who say they’ve opted out of the pop culture war?

I don’t blame anyone for opting out of culture war – it’s exhausting.  But that is not the same as succumbing to political correctness. I shun movies and books and television to avoid the contradictory and hypocritical position of those loud close-minded powers determined to destroy the ethos and spirit of the United States and freedom everywhere. Of course, I also push back publicly on the most absurd yet dangerous aspects of culture war.  

What can readers do to support you and your projects?

 My show Making Money with Charles Payne on FBN each day 2 p.m. ET and I have my own stock market research firm where I write every single day: www.wstreet.com 

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