Another Republican Governor Signs Legislation Protecting Women’s Sports

Republican Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed the “Save Women’s Sports Act” into law Wednesday, banning biological males from competing in women’s sports. 

The law states that “athletic teams designated for females, women, or girls shall not be open to students of the male sex.” 

“What we’re trying to accomplish here is very, very simple,” Stitt said. “We are protecting women’s sports. We’re ensuring a level playing field for female athletes who work hard, who train hard, who are committed to their team, who have dreams to be #1 in their sport, who deserve a fair competition.” 

“So how is it fair for female track athletes or swimmers who have been training since they were 12-years-old to lose in a high school competition to a biological male? It’s not; it’s simply not fair. And it will not happen in the state of Oklahoma,” he added. 

The bill passed the Oklahoma Senate on Wednesday in a 37 to 7 vote. 

As reported by the Daily Caller, in response, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma said the legislation creates “baseless fears” about transgender athletics and sends a message that transgender people “are not welcome or accepted in our state.” 

Similar legislation has been introduced in 25 other states.


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