Kirk: American Citizens Beginning to Rise Up Against Authoritarianism

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  • 08/19/2022

Charlie Kirk spoke at CPAC on Thursday praising Gov. Ron DeSantis and classic conservative values. 

“There’s something special happening in America right now,” Kirk said. “And a year ago, when we met, things looked pretty bad.” 

The restrictions that were placed on Americans throughout the course of the pandemic have done the opposite of what they were intended to do, Kirk said, and Americans have instead pushed back against the authoritarian regime that sought to steal their rights. 

He spoke against social media and the left-wing media that seek to suppress and censor differing voices under the guise of misinformation and disinformation, as reported by the Post Millennial.

He said that it would have been easy for Americans to give up, but "the opposite happened, and the people in charge of our government, Hollywood, media, they couldn't really understand why all of a sudden moms and dads kept showing up at school board meetings across the country.” 

"They couldn't understand why, all of a sudden, people started to run for precinct committee positions. They couldn't understand why the energy of the conservative movement only increased when they control everything,” he said.  "And what we saw over the last year is the regime controlling every aspect of our life. Literally, whether or not and how you can breathe, vaccination status…" 

"We must demand from our leaders clever priorities of what actually matters," he said. "We have a choice." 

Kirk blasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his actions against his own citizens, calling it "a moral outrage and a human right abuse."

"I don't want to win elections, that's fine, that's a small thing, elections come and go. I want to win civilization. I want to live in a country that's free. I want to live in a country I recognize. I want our leaders to care more about you and our fellow countrymen and our fellow citizens than some sort of abstract ideal or some sort of undefined GDP number," he said. "The conservative movement is trending…60,70, 80 percent of voters of all backgrounds and all colors. It's going to require our leaders, and you, to make sure they do it. The citizen is rising everybody, and the regime is falling. We're going to win."

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