POLL: Only ⅓ of Americans View COVID-19 as Top 5 Priority for 2022

According to a new poll, less than 40 percent of Americans view COVID-19 as a top-five priority to address in the new year. 

The Associated Press-NORC survey found that only 33 percent of Americans labeled the pandemic as a top issue, down 16 points from a year ago, the Daily Caller reports

On the other hand, 68 percent of respondents said the economy was the top issue to focus on, with sub topics ranging from inflation to unemployment and national debt.

Eighty percent said they were concerned about domestic issues including gun violence, climate change, education and crime, while 44 percent said foreign policy, including immigration, should be a main focus. 

Nearly 75 percent said they were either slightly or not at all confident that the government would make progress on economic issues, while 56 percent said the same in terms of the pandemic. 

The poll surveyed 1,089 adults from December 2 to 7.