Pentagon to Launch New UFO Investigation Unit

The Defense Department is launching a new unit to investigate the possibility of life beyond Earth. 

The Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group will be tasked with finding and identifying UFOs in restricted airspace, officials announced Tuesday. 

The new group will replace the U.S. Navy’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, Fox News reports

The Navy panel was created last year to “improve its understanding of, and gain insight into” UFOs, the military said in a statement. 

The move comes after the U.S. intelligence community verified a whopping number of unexplained aerial sightings earlier this year, but could not explain them. Indeed, since 2004, nearly 150 UFO sightings have been investigated by the government. 

The new group will attempt to upgrade policies, training and technology related to the investigation of UFOs. 


"ThanksWINNING" Video Tourney Provides Fun & Unique Way to Support President

This Thanksgiving, as families get ready to sit down together for traditional pairings of turkey and stuffing, or candied yams with marshmallow, a different sort of pairing will be taking place when the world of video gaming gets connected to the world of political activism through the Gamers for Trump’s “ThanksWINNING Call of Duty Tournament and Virtual MAGA Rally.”  The event, which will start at 1:00 pm EST, will feature teams of video gamers from across the country competing for prizes and showing support for President Donald Trump.

“My son gave me the inspiration for Gamers For Trump” says Stephanie Lien D’Urso, event organizer and founder of MAGAhearts.com, an organization dedicated to demonstrating and sharing the generosity and kindness of Trump supporters. “He shared with me that the gaming community is completely ignored as a political constituency and many of it’s members tend to be Sanders supporters.  He expressed to me that it isn’t very popular to be a Trump supporter in the world of gamers.  Many of those gamers who do support our President, typically remain silent about it.  That is when I decided to start Gamers for Trump. It was time to create a community for those patriotic gamers who love our President.”

The video gaming industry is one of America’s best kept secrets.  According to research published by TechJury.net in 2020, 60% of Americans play video games daily.  The average age of a gamer, far from being the stereotype of the high schooler locked in their bedroom, is 34 years.  The industry itself is estimated at over $180 billion.

“We were so excited that the last Gamers for Trump “Trick or Trump Halloween Tournament” was hosted by Bryson Gray.  I’m proud that this ThanksWINNING event will be hosted by my own son, Rockwell, who actually inspired the idea,” D’Urso said.  In addition to teams made up of Americans,  there are indications that teams from Great Britain will also participate.

D’Urso is one of the many loyal supporters of the President who has been deeply troubled by the numerous indications of various forms of election tampering that have taken place.  She sees this event as a way for gamers to “peacefully protest” what they see as an attempt to steal our election, and an attempt to steal Thanksgiving.  Gamers for Trump will come together virtually to “have a lot of fun”, but more importantly, to make their statement that despite what is being reported in the mainstream media, they believe we are “ThanksWINNING”.

“As state and local governments continuing to crackdown on individual liberty and take away our freedoms, using the excuse of the Chinese coronavirus, this is one thing they can’t take away from us.” D’Urso states.  “This is a way for us to gather together, show support for our President, and build a network of positive relationships that can get us through trying times.”

The evening will feature a Call of Duty Warzone video game tournament with teams of four players competing against each other. It will be streamed live on Twitch for those who might want to watch.   Prizes will be given to the first, second and third place teams.

For more information about Gamers for Trump you can email them at gamers4trump@gmail.com or contact via Twitter @GamersforTrump_. You can register for the tournament through the website at http://gamersfortrump.com.

Gamers for Trump is a part of One GREATful America, a 501c4 organization.