Suspect in Waukesha Christmas Parade Tragedy Charged with 5 Counts of Intentional Homicide

The suspect in connection with the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade massacre has been charged with five counts of intentional homicide. 

As previously reported by Human Events News, law enforcement officials identified a suspect who allegedly mowed down several people at a Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade Sunday, leaving five dead and around 48 injured. 

The suspect, Darrell Brooks, was fleeing from a knife fight at the time of the incident, where children were dancing in the street and a marching band played “Jingle Bells.” 

In Wisconsin, intentional homicide is the legal equivalent of first-degree murder and carries a life sentence upon conviction, Just the News reports

Authorities said the incident was not a terrorist attack and that the suspect may have been involved in a domestic dispute beforehand. 

Earlier this month, Brooks was accused of running over the mother of his child in the parking lot of a gas station and is free on $1,000 bail.