CVS, Walgreens Offering Booster Shots to Moderna, J&J Recipients

CVS and Walgreens are offering more COVID-19 boosters to those eligible after regulators signed off on extending the shots to Moderna or J&J recipients. 

Certain people who received the Pfizer vaccine are eligible for boosters – those over the age of 65, as well as high risk individuals. Now, the CDC says certain Moderna and J&J recipients are eligible. 

As reported by Fox News, over 9,800 CVS pharmacies are offering the Moderna boosters. 

“The system’s we’ve built and put our deep experience in providing vaccinations allows us to play a leading role in administering booster shots to eligible populations,” CVS Health Chief Medical Officer Troyen Brennan said. 

Additionally, Moderna and J&J vaccine boosters are available at Walgreens stores nationwide. 

Walgreens Vice President of Pharmacy Operations and Services Rina Shah said the company’s pharmacists are available to help patients “understand eligibility requirements and access COVID-19 vaccines, whether it’s a first dose or booster shot.”