Trump to Provide Video Deposition in Case Brought Forth by Protesters

President Trump is expected to provide a videotaped deposition Monday in a case involving his security team’s efforts to crack down on a protest during the early days of his first presidential campaign in 2015.

The deposition comes as part of a lawsuit brought after a September 2015 protest outside Trump Tower in New York City, Fox News reports. The demonstrators were protesting comments Trump had made about Mexican immigrants.

Six protesters, all of Mexican descent, said they were assaulted and thus sued Trump, the Trump Organization, his 2016 presidential campaign and security officials.

Trump sought to throw out the subpoena ordering him to testify in the case, however New York State Supreme Court Judge Doris Gonzalez denied the effort, saying that there needed to be “exceptional circumstances” to depose a high-ranking government official.”

“This is a case about Donald Trump’s security guards assaulting peaceful demonstrators on a public sidewalk,” lawyers for the plaintiffs said. “We will be taking the trial testimony of Donald Trump, under oath, on Monday after years of the defendants’ dilatory attempts to shield him from this examination. We look forward to presenting the video of Mr. Trump’s testimony to a jury at his trial.”