Justice Department to Request Supreme Court Block Texas Abortion Law

The Biden administration will ask the Supreme Court to block the Texas abortion law while a challenge moves forward, a Justice Department spokesman said Friday.

As previously reported by Human Events News, a federal appeals court on Thursday rejected the Biden administration’s efforts to stop the new law, which prevents abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy.

“The Justice Department intends to ask the Supreme Court to vacate the Fifth Circuit’s stay of the preliminary injunction against Texas Senate Bill 8,” Anthony Coley, the Justice Department spokesman, said in a statement, per the New York Times.

Indeed, the new law, one that has become the country’s biggest roadblock to abortion in nearly 50 years, says that a physician is prohibited from knowingly performing an abortion if there is a “detectable fetal heartbeat.”

It relies on citizns to file legal claims against abortion providers or anyone believed to perform or assist with an abortion.

The Justice Department is suing the state over the law’s unique enforcement mechanism, using private parties to enforce the law rather than the state.