HUMAN EVENTS DAILY: Posobiec Discusses ‘Freedom Flu,’ Supply Chains, Biden Admin.

In Tuesday’s episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec discusses the “Freedom Flu,” the global supply chain disaster and the Biden administration’s incompetency. 

“What is the freedom flu? I started this trend yesterday, it went to number one on Twitter. Friday, the Southwest Airlines employee crew filed a federal mandate, a federal injunction, essentially, seeking to block, I should say, the mandate against vaccinations. Then, over the weekend, up to 2,000 Southwest Airlines flights were canceled. What’s going on here? Well, the CEO came out today and said, ‘oh this is just absenteeism,’” Posobiec said. “This is not just Southwest. This is going on throughout the country. We understand what’s happening, we understand there can’t be a formal declaration because that would be an illegal work action, but we also understand that there are thousands, possibly even millions of workers that are facing this mandate and are fighting back.” 

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