Top House Republicans Demand Answers on Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

Top republican officials in the House Foreign Affairs Committee demanded information from the Biden administration Tuesday on the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

Rep. Michael McCaul led a group of republicans in submitting a Resolution of Inquiry, demanding the White House and State Department provide all communication, intelligence assessments and documents on ending the war in Afghanistan, Fox News reports.

The administration has 14 days to return the 8-page information request. If information is not provided, the resolution would head to the House floor to become a “privileged resolution,” which would force the administration to cooperate. 

However, in March, democrats on the House Rules Committee extended a measure that prevents Resolutions of Inquiry from becoming privileged resolutions. The rule was first implemented in March as a way to keep issues from heading to the House floor amidst the pandemic. 

The measure was most recently extended through October 27. 

McCaul told Fox News that despite the deadline, the request should be processed. 

“There should be no delay in the investigation into the disastrous events in Afghanistan,” he said. “I and my republican colleagues are hopeful that this Resolution of Inquiry will be supported by democrat leadership in order to hold this administration accountable for the actions that led to the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan and the deadly aftermath.”