Gov. Abbott Signs Texas Voting Reform Bill Into Law

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the long-awaited election reform bill into law Tuesday, ending a political battle over the controversial legislation. 

The legislation, dubbed Senate Bill 1, creates updates to the state’s mail-in voting and polling place systems and prohibits election officials from sending voters unsolicited mail-in ballot applications. 

As previously reported by Human Events News, the bill passed along party lines in the state Senate last week, with only one republican joining House democrats. 

“One thing that all Texans can agree on is that we must have trust and confidence in our elections,” Abbott said during the signing ceremony. “The bill that I’m about to sign helps to achieve that goal.” 

“Senate Bill 1 creates uniform statewide voting hours, maintains and expands voting access for registered voters that need assistance, prohibits drive-through voting, and enhances transparency by authorizing poll watchers to observe more aspects of the election process,” Abbott said in a statement prior to signing, per the Daily Caller.