Congrats! It’s a…? American Medical Association Wants to Remove Sex from Birth Certificates

According to a June article published by Web MD Health News, the American Medical Association believes that sex should be removed from the public portion of birth certificates. 

“Assigning sex using binary variables in the public portion of the birth certificate fails to recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity,” Willy Underwood III, MD, said. 

As reported on, authors of the report say a person’s designation at birth can lead to discrimination if their gender identity does not align with their birth-given designation. 

These discriminatory experiences could occur when they register for school sports, adopt, get married or request personal records. 

However, the authors noted that the individual’s would still be submitted to the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth for medical, public health and statistical use only. 

“We unfortunately still live in a world where it is unsafe in many cases for one’s gender to vary from the sex assigned at birth,” Jeremy Toler, MD, said. Thus, not having sex on birth certificates would reduce the reliance on sex as a replacement for gender, he said, and would “serve as an equalizer.”