Jeff Webb Addresses TPUSA Conference

Human Events Co-Publisher Jeff Webb addressed the Turning Point USA conference Monday, discussing woke corporate culture in America and what it means to be a college graduate.

The speech received a thunderous standing ovation from the young crowd. 

“I think you’ll agree with me that what made our country great and continues to make our country great and can unlock the future for tens of millions of Americans is American entrepreneurship,” Webb said. “People from all walks of life with the freedom to innovate, to build an organization, to bring an idea or a concept to life and contribute to our society as a whole.” 

“However,” Webb continued, “the left wants you to believe that our system is one that creates winners and losers based strictly on things like race, gender, where you come from. They talk about privilege, they talk about systemic racism, they talk about critical race theory. They want minorities in our country to believe that they are victims, that there’s nothing they can do to succeed without the help of the government. They want white Americans to believe that everything bad about our country is their fault, and that only the government can fix it.” 

“The left’s real goal is to reshape American capitalism, to move us to a more socialist model. One where the American economic engine runs more like a European system. They do so in the name of equity,” he added.