EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Biden White House Fixes Quotes Before Letting Reporters Publish Them

In another example of anti-transparency, the White House communications team is editing quotes from Biden administration officials, demanding interviews be performed on “background with quote approval.” 

Five reporters who cover the administration spoke with Politico, and the outlet confirmed it has “participated in such arrangements.” 

Forget commander-in-chief, it’s editor-in-chief! 

Interview material collected can be used by reporters so long as the transcription is approved, vetoed or edited, per The Federalist. 

“The other week, the White House asked for background with quote approval for an interview with White House communications director KATE BEDINGFIELD for a profile about speechwriter VINAY REDDY,” Politico noted. “Close to deadline and with  our editors giving us side-eye about filing late, we agreed.” 

While it seems unusual and suspicious, this practice isn’t unheard of. Obama and Trump’s administration used it, too. 

However, Politico noted that the Trump administration used the practice less often. 

“The only way the press has the power to push back against this [practice] is if we all band together,” one reporter said. 


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