LIBERAL VS. LIBERAL: Bill Gates is NOT a Doctor

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Strong language used 

In a hilarious spot-on video, Russell Brand mocks Bill Gates for acting like a doctor during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video flashes to a clip of an interview with Bill Gates, where he’s asked: “There’s been some speculation that the changing intellectual property rules and allowing these vaccines, as you say, the recipe for these vaccines to be shared, would be helpful. Do you think that would be helpful?”

“No,” Gates replied.

Russell Brand breaks into laughter, then goes on to criticize and mock the response.

“I like Bill Gates…‘Well, because I’ve done all this work, it’s my money, it’s mine. I’m in charge of it. I’m in charge of the World Health Organization,’” he said.

“It’s sort of amazing isn’t it, because there’s a sort of push to make vaccines mandatory in order that we can get back to a kind of normal that was bloody awful anyway, ignoring many of the glaring lessons that have been shown to us by this unique situation. And if that was the true agenda, let’s get back to normal, this vaccine is a good thing, let’s make it accessible to as many people as possible, then you’d go, ‘yeah sure, reproduce it, manufacture it, it’s not about money.’ Like, why is it not a good thing then?” Brand asked.

The clip then flashes to the interview with Gates: “Well, there’s only so many vaccine factories in the world.”

Brand mocks him again: “And I own all of them,” he says. “And I’m saying no, so there it is.”

The video flashes back to Gates again.

“And people are very serious about the safety of vaccines,” Gates said.

“You know when like Joe Rogan sort of says like, ‘Oh I think if you’re 21 years old, you shouldn’t have to have the vaccine. What’s the point? You’ll get better from the coronavirus anyway,’ And everyone’s like, ‘Hey, you’re not a doctor. You’re not a doctor. You’re not a bloody doctor.’ Well, guess who else ain’t a doctor? Bill Gates,” Brand said.

Maybe Brand can hit Fauci next!