FLIRTATIONSHIP? Frisky Texts Reveal Hunter Biden Relationship with Secretary

New Hunter Biden emails reveal a flirty relationship with his secretary who worked for him during his business ventures with the man he called the ‘spy chief of China.’ 

The mysterious young assistant wrote Hunter frisky text messages, sent opposition research for his dad’s White House run and encouraged him to draw funds from the company’s accounts when the venture collapsed. 

She even ended up with Hunter’s infamous military dog tags. 

In 2017, Hunter went into business with Patrick Ho, secretary general of the Chinese oil giant CEFC. This is the man Hunter referred to as the ‘spy chief of China’ in recordings found on his abandoned laptop. 

After launching his multi-million dollar joint venture with CEFC, Hunter was assigned the 29-year-old Chinese-American assistant, JiaQi Bao, who quickly formed a unique relationship with her boss. 

At first, New-York based Bao did ordinary assistant work: scheduling flights, hotels and doctor’s appointments. 

Then, her job became a bit more detailed. 

Text messages show she ended up with Hunter’s military dog tags in her New York apartment – the same tags he wore in the home-made sex videos found on his laptop. 

Though his relationship with the Chinese is no secret, it is unclear whether Bao was aware of Hunter’s links to the country’s intelligence services at the time. 

In September of 2020, the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees issued a joint report blasting Hunter’s business deal with CEFC, noting the company’s deep ties to the Chinese government. The report concluded that the millions of dollars transferred from the firm to Hunter ‘raised criminal, financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns.’” 

In December of last year, Hunter admitted he is under federal investigation for tax crimes, and it has been reported that investigators are also looking into his foreign dealings, the Daily Mail reports.