SOCIALIST SLOWDOWN: U.S. Added 266,000 Jobs in April as Hiring Slacked

The American jobs industry slacked remarkably last month, contradicting expectations of economic recovery and heating up debate over how to best revive the labor market.

Employers added 266,000 jobs in April, which is far below the 916,000 registered in March: a socialist slowdown.

Economists had predicted an addition of around one million jobs, a staggering difference from what was added, as reported by the New York Times.

As more and more vaccines are administered, restrictions are lifted and businesses reopen, more opportunities for work will naturally emerge. And on another promising note, job postings on the online job site Indeed are 24 percent higher than they were in February of last year.

“There’s been a broad-based pickup in demand,” said Nick Bunker, leader for North American economic research at the Indeed Hiring Lab.

Because of the pandemic, however, millions of jobs have seemingly vanished into thin air, and the labor force has ultimately shrunk. Perhaps hit the hardest are the restaurant and hotel industries, who saw exponential loss in revenue because of closures.

During the pandemic, millions of Americans blamed health concerns and child care responsibilities for preventing them from returning to work. Many who aren’t actively job hunting are considered on temporary layoff and expect to be hired once businesses reopen fully.