HIDIN’ BIDEN? Dem Texas Rep. Disputes DHS Pics of Empty Migrant Facility

Recent photos of cleared out migrant facilities at the southern border are raising suspicions, especially from one Texas democrat. 

Rep. Henry Cullar, who has been very vocal against the White House’s immigration policies, suggested that the Department of Homeland Security is falsely creating the impression that the facility in Donna, Texas has been emptied. 

Instead, he said, the unaccompanied children have simply been moved to a nearby facility – a classic case of show and tell. 

“All they’re doing is, they’re moving kids from one tent to the other tent and saying, ‘oh, they’re not in the Border Patrol [custody],’” Cuellar told Border Report. “They’re just next door in HHS tents.” 

Cuellar has toured the Donna facility numerous times since the crisis began, and he said the compound grows each week. Recently, five tents were added for Health and Human Services staff to hold children, adding that each can hold around 1,500. 

The Department of Homeland Security said that the children are in Health and Human Services custody, but didn’t disclose where exactly that is. 

They said that recent photos “demonstrate the tremendous progress that DHS and its partners have made to safely and efficiently transfer these children out of CBP custody and into the care of HHS.” 

Photos released by the Biden Administration show the Donna facility seemingly empty. White House press secretary Jen Psaki echoed the narrative, saying the minors are spending less time in federal processing facilities. 

“The amount of time children spend in [Border Patrol] custody is down 75 percent, from 131 hours at the end of March to under 30 hours now,” Psaki said. 


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