The Grinch Who Saved Culture: GOP Rep. Introduces Bill to Protect Children’s Books From Cancelation

As more and more books, toys and movies fall victim to the monster that is cancel culture, one GOP congressman is working to make a change. 

Rep. John Joyce (R-PA) introduced the GRINCH Act, a bill that would deny federal funding and resources to any government agency trying to cancel or censor books, BizPacReview reports. He believes it should be left up to the parents to monitor what their children are reading. 

Indeed, that’s how it should be. The government is not responsible for your child, you are. 

“We must not allow the left to wage further attacks on students’ First Amendment rights,” he said. “No one is safe from the woke culture. Not even Dr. Seuss.” 

Inspired by the Dr. Seuss character, the acronym for the proposed legislation stands for “Guarding Readers’ Independence and Choice” Act and sends a message that “we can’t let the left cancel us.” 

In a Fox News interview, Joyce said the intention of the bill is to let parents make decisions about reading rather than the government. 

“You and I realize that the cancel culture is rapidly attacking our American institutions, our libraries, our schools. And like so many, I’m alarmed at the left’s attempt to cancel historic books, characters,” he said. 

“The GRINCH Act would prevent our taxpayers’ dollars from supporting states and local governments that ban books. I’m someone who visits the libraries throughout Pennsylvania, my district in south central and southerwstern Pennsylvania. Yesterday, I was in one of those libraries,” he continued. “They took me into the children’s section and showed me the shelf full of Dr. Seuss books.” 

“If you find that these books are offensive to your children, then the parents should be the ones who make that decision. Government should not be making that. And federal dollars should not support anyone who bans books. Our First Amendment Rights, those of our adults and our children, must be defended,” he added. 

While addressing the positive response to the proposal among his constituents, he indirectly implied that no democrat is yet backing the legislation. 

“There are important lessons in these books, but the parents are the ones who should be guiding the children, not the government. We don’t need to be woke,” Joyce said.