To Tell the Truth: NYT and WAPO Deliberately Invalidate Election Tampering Claims

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  • 03/02/2023

As concerns mount surrounding election tampering in multiple key states, The New York Times and The Washington Post have all but ignored credible allegations.

In its Wednesday report that Biden "won Michigan," The New York Times emphasized that Biden's "campaign invested heavily to secure a straightforward path to victory." The Times did note that the Trump campaign announced that it was taking legal action due to "what it called insufficient transparency."

The report glazed over these concerns, quoting "Mr. Trump's" campaign manager's accusation that “President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law."

The Times' Thursday night coverage lauded Biden for calling for "patience," while accusing Trump of lying. In its piece headlined "Biden Urges Patience; Trump Lies About Count," the paper of record did note that "Trump called a news conference at the White House, where he made false and baseless claims about 'illegal' votes, secret counts and how forces were working to 'steal' the election from him."

Although certainly subject to scrutiny, such claims are certainly not "baseless," as multiple credible alternative sources have reported situations over the past few days that are eyebrow-raising at best.

As far as "secret counts" go, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party David Shafer claimed on Wednesday that "Fulton County told our observers last night to go home because they were closing up and then continued to count ballots in secret."

Not to mention the widespread concern surrounding poll workers who inexplicably began to cover up windows between observers and poll workers, or refused to let observers either in or near vote counters, as was the case in Philadelphia Thursday.

To the Times' credit, the outlet did finally mention the window debacle on Thursday night, running cover for the workers who covered the windows, and explaining that concerns were simply just "unfounded rumors about their motivations."

"Lawrence Garcia, the city of Detroit’s corporation counsel, said the windows had been covered because poll workers inside had expressed concerns about people taking unauthorized photographs and videos of their work," the Times clarified.

Well, that certainly explains it, doesn’t it?

The Washington Post ran an almost identical headline: "Biden renews call for patience as Trump assails vote-counting process."  WAPO also ran a piece titled "Trump’s attacks on vote counts seem to follow an authoritarian playbook," comparing Trump to Putin for questioning the integrity of the election.

The Post's Thursday night front page also included a piece suggesting that Trump supporters demanding transparency are in fact protesting "against counting."

Calls for election transparency are far from unfounded, and while every movement has extremists, proponents of the "#STOPTHESTEAL" movement (banned by Facebook in an attempt to silence dissent) are against election tampering, not vote counting.

A report from Project Veritas revealed an account from a Michigan USPS whistleblower who says that the day after election day, his boss directed to separate ballots that would have been invalid if marked with the correct date, mark them with the previous date, and "send them through the express system."

"We were issued a directive this morning to collect any ballots we find in collection boxes, mailboxes, just outgoing mail in general, separate them at the end of the day so that they could hand stamp them with the previous day's date. Today is November 4th for clarification," said the whistleblower, who also added that they had heard a rumor that the postmaster had been doing the same thing.

Concerned Trump supporters have also pointed out that Michigan's own government website shows multiple deceased individuals having voted absentee. At least one of these instances has been likely attributed to a father and son having identical names, but that in itself doesn't bode well for election integrity.

To tell the truth, it appears that the NYT and WAPO, along with other MSM outlets, are attempting to use their news desk as a tool to wrap the likely Biden/Harris Presidency in a cloak of legitimacy. This is exactly the opposite of how they used the same news desk during the President Trump’s term, commencing with the Russian dossier hoax and culminating with an endless string of false and misleading reporting, as highlighted in Human Events News, during the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, and in covering concerns over voter fraud prior to the election.

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