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Carlos Maza


Who is Carlos Maza? Activist, Not Journalist.

Carlos Maza’s career as an activist is evident in his actions as a journalist who campaigns to restrict what others say in service of his political agenda.

Carlos Maza isn’t a humble journalist nor victim of harassment. Before the Vox Media host became the progenitor of YouTube’s latest crackdown on speech, he was (and remains) a hard left activist.

Maza was a researcher for Media Matters for America, a partisan organization dedicated to the production of anti-conservative propaganda.

Tim Pool wrote of him: “Carlos Maza used to work for Media Matters, an activist organization. He now works at Vox doing the same thing he did at MMFA. Journalism is dead and these sociopaths killed it.”

Before landing his gig at Vox, Maza was a writer and researcher for Media Matters for America (MMFA), a partisan organization dedicated to the production of anti-conservative propaganda.

During his tenure at MMFA, Maza wrote breathless coverage of the Family Research Council (FRC), a Christian organization that came into the crosshairs of a domestic terrorist in 2012. Prior to the shooting, Maza, along with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), called the FRC an “anti-gay hate group” and whipped up leftist anger about them.

Wielding a handgun with 50 rounds of ammo, Floyd Lee Corkins II shot an unarmed security guard before being tackled to the ground. When the FBI interviewed him, Corkins told police that he had been inspired by materials he found online that listed the organization as a “hate group.”

Carlos Maza's FRC Report

One of several Carlos Maza reports on FRC

After, Maza released a brief statement expressing his “thoughts and prayers” to the shooting victim. Maza is an atheist.

Maza has called upon his left-leaning audience to commit assault and battery on “far-right” organizers and protesters.

Following his six-year tenure at the activist organization, Maza has been more than eager to take up other left-wing causes.

In a video viewed more than 1.8 million times, the MMFA alumnus downplayed the violence of AntiFa. The radical left-wing movement continues to make the news – at least in independent media – through showcases of their embarrassing behavior on college campuses. Maza says they’re not a big deal.

“For a group that’s getting so much airtime for being violent and dangerous, they’re not causing that much havoc,” said Maza, who encouraged his viewers to dismiss those reports as a biased sample of left-wing protests.

And yet, two years later, Maza himself called upon his left-leaning audience to commit assault and battery on “far-right” organizers and protesters.

“Milkshake them all. Humiliate them at every turn. Make them dread public organizing,” wrote Maza in response to the assault of Nigel Farage, who was hit with a milkshake during a campaign rally. He shared an article by New Republic contributor Matt Ford who wrote, “Why Milkshaking Works.”

Carlos Maza promotes political violence

Carlos Maza promotes political violence

Maza is an activist, and he’s good at what he does.

His plan to topple Steven Crowder was deliberate. It didn’t matter who else got hurt if one of the loudest conservative voices on the Internet got taken down. Crowder wasn’t banned, but he was demonetized—and other channels got caught in the crossfire.

Presenting himself as a thin-skinned political wonk, Maza’s campaign against Crowder only began this week. But was he really hurt by Crowder’s crass jokes about his mannerisms?

Older tweets will show that the journo-activist knew full well what Crowder’s remarks about him were jokes. In March 2018, Maza wrote a series of tweets in response to Crowder’s remarks.

Carlos Maza responds to Crowder's jokes

Carlos Maza responds to Crowder’s jokes

“There’s a conservative YouTuber who keeps making ‘rebuttal videos’ about me making fun of my gay voice and it’s becoming the most serious long-term relationship I’ve ever had,” he wrote.

Maza’s profile as a journalist is higher than ever thanks to his efforts to deplatform right-wing voices. And thanks to the mainstream media’s embrace of activism, so too will his profile as an activist. We can take his power away.

Ian Miles Cheong is the managing editor of Human Events

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Ian Miles Cheong is the managing editor of Human Events.


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