MILK-FAKE: UK Papers Push Farage Fake News 1 Day Before Election

Britain’s establishment news media went into fake news overdrive just hours before the nation’s election purdah deadline.

The Sun, the Guardian, the Independent, and more of the UK’s anti-Brexit press swung into action when a local paper — Kent Live — erroneously reported Nigel Farage had been trapped on his Brexit bus after a day’s campaigning.

Farage had been in Kent, his home county, for the day, walking the streets taking selfies and talking to locals about the EuroParl elections.

Afterwards, Farage was due to do media from the open top bus, which he did.

At this point, three anti-Brexit observers shouted “No!” and other pithy slogans at the bus, and were wielding three-quarter finished Frappacinos.

Human Events Global Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam confronted the trio and engaged them in a civil conversation which was live streamed on Periscope.

Following the end of the live stream, Farage emerged from the bus to take selfies and sign placards for supporters.

Nevertheless, the establishment media published articles quoting Farage’s bus driver — who didn’t tell media he was “stuck on the bus” but rather never planned to get off — that the Brexit Party leader was “surrounded” by milkshake wielding yobs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Farage was surrounded by Brexit supporters and the three people impugned by the media never had any intention of hurling their drinks.

Buzzfeed, Washington Post, and other mainstream media journalists have retweeted Kassam, pouring skepticism over the Murdoch-run tabloid’s fake news assertions.