WATCH: Kassam Tells Fox 'Listen to Hughes on Facebook Tyranny'

Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events Raheem Kassam appeared on Fox New’s Ingraham Angle to speak with host Laura Ingraham and fellow guest Molly Hemingway about remarks made by Facebook’s co-founder Chris Hughes.

Kassam says Hughes’s call to break up the tech monopoly should be taken with great weight, as Hughes is not only a leftist himself, but was present at Facebook’s founding.

As the segment comes to a close, Kassam adds that platform access is now being discussed as a civil right, an idea first brought up by the Publisher of Human Events Will Chamberlain in an article on May 3rd. In his article, entitled ‘Platform Access is a Civil Right,’ Chamberlain outlines not only his reasoning for this statement but also legislative action that can be taken to combat tech censorship.