WATCH: AG Barr Outmanoeuvred Mueller

Human Events publisher Will Chamberlain spoke with One America News’ Jack Posobiec about the Mueller report and how the FBI man was outmanoeuvred by Attorney General Barr.

“We know in 2018, Mueller and Weissman were at an impasse with Trump’s lawyers about the pivot to obstruction of justice, from collusion,” Chamberlain begins.

“In June 2018,” he continues, “now Attorney General Barr wrote a letter to Rod Rosenstein objecting to a particular interpretation of an obstruction statute… this was strange because there was no reason to assume he would know, in private practice, what Mueller and Weissman were up to. And then we know the day after the mid terms Jeff Sessions was asked to resign and Bill Barr was floated as the only name to become Attorney General and was quickly confirmed thereafter.

“My thesis is pretty simple,” Chamberlain concludes: “Because of the impasse that Trump’s lawyers were at with Mueller and Weissman, they tried to go over their heads to Rosenstein, to convince Rosenstein that the obstruction theory than Mueller and Weissman were using was legally unsound”.