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Hilary Kramer discusses how to find stocks that provide investors with high yields.


Income Hunting: Why Yield Matters (And How to Lock It In)

Hilary Kramer discusses how to find stocks that provide investors with high yields.

Sophisticated investors know that even a little dividend income makes the difference between a miserable year in the market and a relatively easy recovery.

After all, stocks swing up and down with sentiment. However, when companies hand you a piece of the profit every three months, Wall Street‚??s shifting moods will never take it away. Even getting 2 percent of your investment back in a typical year makes the difference between losing money and breaking even 10 percent of the time.

Investors who capture that yield can wait longer for a stock market crash to play out before they need to liquidate. And if you need the income, the checks help pay the bills.

Unfortunately, the S&P 500 barely pays 1.9 percent a year. Even when the market was at its weakest, investors only got a chance to lock in a 2.2 percent yield.

That‚??s a problem because, as I said on Fox Business News yesterday, ‚??patience‚?Ě at the Federal Reserve gives inflation free reign to take a bigger bite out of your real investment returns.

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