The ???Uber of Biotech??? Gets Back To Work

By Hilary Kramer

Forget the ???FANG??? group of the biggest technology companies. When you want pure disruptive innovation and a wild Wall Street ride, biotech remains the place to be.

I love these stocks. When they???re rallying, they???re a play on pure innovation. This is because they generate wealth for shareholders on what boils down to the confidence that medical science will keep advancing.

The upside is practically infinite. After all, most computer tools only improve life in increments, make us a little more productive day by day and expand our existing reach.

Biotech, at its most visionary, saves human lives that otherwise would be cut short one way or another. That transcends normal valuations.

Companies that develop those therapies can one day be worth the price of progress itself. And when that mood catches on, the stocks soar.

We???ve seen a few of these stocks on my Turbo Trader list soar 50 percent year to date. That???s true transformative upside. It???s exhilarating.

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