M&A Gets Fierce, Here???s How We???re Finding '1 Percent' Trades

If you thought buybacks were a huge factor in driving stock prices, consider the humble buyout when you???re looking for performance better than what 99 percent of the market has been able to provide lately.

Just ask investors who???ve had access to my GameChangers trading service. Two out of the last six stocks I???ve recommended there were acquired at big premiums. This boosted the already huge performances across the board.

While I don???t like to brag, there???s a reason to do it here. Dissecting those trades alongside our other recent wins may help you achieve something similar with your own portfolio, even in unsettled periods where it can feel like the next market crash is always around the corner.

We beat 99 percent of the S&P 500 over the last six months. And we did it again and again. Here???s how.