U.S. Market for Pure Play Medical Marijuana Company Gaining Traction

Right now, the fast-growing marijuana theme is captivating the imaginations of fortune seekers in a manner similar to what occurred during the dot-com era.

Investors are seeking to cash in on what they hope will be the next sector of the market to enrich their portfolios with exponential growth prospects. A trend in this direction is definitely in place, but it is sharply divided between two separate paths — marijuana for medicinal purposes and marijuana for recreational purposes.

Back in June 2018, Canada legalized the recreational use of marijuana, with the law set to take effect on Oct. 17. There is widespread speculation that once legal use is fully established in Canada, several more U.S. states will move to pass similar legislation for both medical and recreational pot use. Some economists say the industry won’t be able to meet demand during the first year, and that either prices will rise or supply will run out.

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