Real Men Check Out of the Hanoi Hilton

What’s the definition of a “real man?”

Is it war heroics under unfathomably horrendous conditions? Is it the ability to carry yourself with grace, humility and optimism through magnificent professional victory as well as heartbreaking loss?

Is it the consistent fight in defense of your principles, even when those principles aren’t always the popular viewpoint among your own tribe? Or, is it the waging of a courageous battle against one of nature’s most malignant diseases?

Well, it’s all these things… and John McCain was all these things.

The Arizona Senator died on Saturday at age 81, and he died as he lived, as a real man who faced his fate — a fate we all shall one day meet — with the characteristic class, humor and fighting spirit he displayed throughout his 36 years in Congress, and throughout five-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war.

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