Trump vs. Koch, And the Winner Is???

Which one is better??? Trump or Koch?

If you read last week???s The Deep Woods, you know that this was the question I asked readers to weigh in on. In a moment, we???ll get to the results, along with my view on some of the very thoughtful responses I received.

But if you didn???t get a chance to read last week???s issue, then allow me to give you a brief recap of the latest ideological taste test that pits President Trump against billionaire libertarian activists Charles and David Koch.

Here, I borrowed the set up of the famous ???Pepsi Challenge,??? by inviting readers to tell me which ideological stance they preferred. Here???s how I set up the two ???intellectual cups??? to choose from:

In the first intellectual cup (President Trump) you get a mixture of??? tax cuts, deregulation, economic nationalism, populism, protectionism, tariffs, the concept of trade wars are ???good??? and easily winnable, a zero-sum view of trade policy, a crackdown on immigration and the view that it is a net negative for the economy.

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