Find Low-Volatility Income in Asia Pacific

The O???Shares FTSE Asia Pacific Quality Dividend ETF (OASI) is a refined yet simple way for investors to play the dividend market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Similar to the other O???Shares dividend funds, OASI chooses its holdings from the FTSE Developed Asia Pac Index, which is composed of roughly 800 of the largest publicly listed companies within the developed Asia-Pacific region. OASI screens the candidates and selects those that meet certain market capitalization, liquidity, high quality, low volatility and dividend yield thresholds.

Since its inception date of August 19, 2015, OASI has been part of O???Shares ETF Investments, the vision of Chairman Kevin O’Leary, ???a long-term investor who wants less risk.??? O???Leary has also noted that OASI is a key component of his ???diversified equity portfolio invested in the highest quality, large-cap and small-cap companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia.???

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