Forget Pepsi vs. Coke, Now It’s Trump vs. Koch

When I was a kid, one of the biggest “battles” in American culture was Pepsi vs. Coke.

Pepsi even issued its famous “Pepsi Challenge,” where it invited people to take a blind taste test to see which cola they preferred. My family actually replicated this test, and I easily chose Coke every time.

Now, the Republican Party is facing its own form of ideological taste test. But instead of Pepsi vs. Coke, the choice now is Trump vs. Koch.

In two tweets expressing his disregard for the billionaire libertarian activists Charles and David Koch, the president offered up the following assessment of the influential political donors:

The president continued his criticism of the Koch brothers, writing:

Now, the president’s Twitter sentiment toward the Koch brothers didn’t just come out of nowhere. The comments came in response to statements by Charles Koch and his aides, who revealed at their annual donor conference that they would not be supporting some Republican Senate candidates who are in line with Trump’s tariff and immigration policies.

This is classic Donald Trump posturing. Not only is he unafraid to slay the sacred cows of Republican policy of the past, but he also does it via a passive-aggressive demeaning of those who he percieves as his political enemy. Note the buzz words at play, including “globalist,” “overrated,” “America First” and “puppet.”

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