Wall Street Journal Quotes My ‘Maxims’ Book 45 Times!

Last weekend, Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig wrote an “Ode to the Wall Street Platitude,” quoting 80 of his favorite financial proverbs and sayings. Guess what? Among those 80 sayings, 45 of them (60%) can be found directly in the new 5th edition of my book, “The Maxims of Wall Street,” including such gems as:

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king.”

“The easy money has been made.”

“Stocks take the stairs up and the elevator down.”

Veterans of Wall Street tend to be cynical about investing. Here’s one of my favorite quotes (thanks to Wendell Brock):

“Nothing makes the spirit fly higher than finding a bargain when you’re the buyer. And nothing makes the spirit sink deeper than finding it later a whole lot cheaper.”

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