Bears, Globalists vs. Protectionists, and Conquering Fear

Last week, the market ???celebrated??? an infamous anniversary.

You see, it was March 9, 2009, when U.S. stocks hit their recession low. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped to 6,547, a level not previously seen since April 1997. The S&P 500 fell below 700, which was a 13-year low.

Now, that???s an anniversary that you might have wanted to forget, but you shouldn???t. The reason why is what???s happened since, as the Dow has vaulted some 280% in the succeeding nine years.

Unfortunately, many investors missed out on a lot of that upside, and many more continue to let one huge factor keep them from achieving their goals.

That factor is fear.

That???s because fear tends to translate into paralysis. And paralysis means investors hold on to way too much cash while also being far too reluctant to put money to work in great companies because they think stocks are going to descend into another pernicious bear market.

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