This Fund Gives Exposure to Large-Cap Growth Companies

The Vanguard Growth ETF (VUG) aims to select mid- and large-cap U.S. companies that exhibit strong growth characteristics.

“Growth stocks” usually refers to companies that are likely to experience higher future revenues and earnings at a faster rate than the industry average. As a result, growth stocks tend to outperform during a market uptrend.

This fact was clearly illustrated in 2017, as the information technology (IT) sector returned an impressive 35.51% to top the gains of all other major sectors, including consumer discretionary (19.92%) and real estate (9.07%). The overall S&P 500 index returned around 19% for 2017.

VUG employs a passive, buy-and-hold approach. It has $31.51 billion in assets under management and an average daily trading volume of $88.63 million. This makes it a very liquid fund. The exchange-traded fund???s (ETF) operating efficiency is reflected in its low expense ratio of just 0.06%. Low expense ratios are a hallmark of many Vanguard funds.

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