This Thanksgiving, Be Especially Thankful for You

It is Thanksgiving week, and that means it???s time to pause and literally give thanks for all the blessings in our lives.

As Americans living in the 21st century, it???s easy to take for granted all the bounty we enjoy. Let???s face it; no people in human history have lived in so much relative luxury, and enjoyed so much wealth, so much prosperity, so much peace, so much freedom and so much safety.

Yet despite our good fortune, many of us feel our lives really aren???t in our control. Many of us feel disconnected with our fellow citizens, and many of us feel the nation is far too polarized both politically and culturally.

Now, I certainly understand the impulse to concentrate on the problems one faces in life. And I also understand that America isn???t a perfect union. All one need do is observe the social animus of the past in our nation???s political climate to easily arrive at that conclusion.

Yet despite her flaws, America remains a bastion of liberty, free minds, free markets, free choice and free thought.  

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